5bosses Task Management Instructions


The 5bosses task management application is located here.

  • Just upload your todo list in CSV format with the required column headers ("boss","task","hours","description").
  • Your CSV may contain any content (such as additional columns) in any order as long as the required column headers are present.
  • Define your schedule in the settings panel.

Download an example todo list.

Step 1: Upload Your ToDo List

Use the Browse button to locate your todo list. Your todo list should meet these requirements:

  • Tasks should be listed in the order that they will be performed. For example, the first task you will work on should be listed first.
  • Your document should contain the following column headers:
    • boss: The name of the boss who assigned the task.
    • task: Task name.
    • hours: Hours needed to perform the task.
    • description: Task description.
  • Your document should be saved in ".csv" format. OpenOffice, Google Docs and MicroSoft Excel allow you to save in .csv format by using the File | Save As/Export As | .csv command.

Your todo list might look something like:

Import Document

Step 2: Adjust Settings

Click the Adjust Settings link to enter your work schedule and specify rows of your todo list that should be skipped. 5bosses reports are created based on your schedule.

  • Hours Per Day: Enter the number of hours you work per day. Should be the number of hours dedicated to tasks. Should not include time spent on breaks, meetings, spacing out, etc.
  • Hours Remaining Today: Enter the number of hours remaining for today that you will be able to dedicate to tasks.
  • Days That You Work: Check each checkbox that corresponds to a day of the week that you work (on your weekly schedule).
  • Vacation Days: Enter a comma separated list of vacation days in this format: mm/dd/yyyy,mm/dd/yyyy...
    For example, if you wish to specify Christmas and New Year's Day as vacation days, you would enter: 12/25/2009,01/01/2010
  • Skip Line Numbers: Enter a comma separated list of line numbers on your spreadsheet that do not contain tasks.
    For example, the first couple lines of a spreadsheet may contain content other than tasks, such as column headers. If the first two lines of your spreadsheet do not contain tasks, you should enter: 1,2

Adjust Settings Panel Screen Shot:

Adjust settings panel - screenshot

Step 3: View Reports

The View Reports Button will become available once steps one and two are complete. Click the button to generate your todo list reports.

Report Types

After clicking the View Reports button, your todo list reports will be created and displayed at the bottom of the screen in a tab-based interface.

Report: Hours per Task Gantt Chart

The Gantt Chart displays one bar per task with task names listed on the left. Bars are color coded according to the boss who assigned them. Hovering over a bar will cause a tooltip to appear. The tool tip displays the name of the boss who assigned the task, event length, start date, end date and the hours remaining in the day once the task is complete.

Example Hours per Task Gantt Chart:

gantt chart - screenshot

Report: Tasks Per Boss List

The Tasks Per Boss list tasks according to the boss that assigned them. Boss names have a background color that matches the bar colors on the gantt chart.

Example Tasks Per Boss Report:

tasks per boss report - screenshot